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My Start To My Photography Business

Updated: Mar 31, 2022


Howdy Friend, I'm Laura and here's a little bit about me.

I'm a mom, wife, photographer, horse woman, ranch hand, and water truck driver. Just to name a few lol

I have 3 beautiful, athletic kids. Lane, Elli May, and Paisley all keep me busy with baseball ⚾️ , softball 🥎🥎, and horses🐎🐎🐎🐎.

Billy, my husband, and I met at the Red Bluff Round Up 17 years ago. If I tell the story it would take another post to tell that. But, to make a long story short, lol, we just kept bumping into each other everywhere at the rodeo, and finally I got the never up to talk to him, went to dinner, and we have been together ever since then. We got married at my families ranch in Shingletown 15 years ago, with about 500 guests. We are amazed everyday that it has been that long ago, when it feels like yesterday.

📷 I have always loved photography 📸 I remember my mom had a film camera, she brought to the Cottonwood rodeo, and let me take pictures. Then I was hooked!

After I had Elli May, I was ready to make my career decision and it came between Photography and Hair Dressing. I went with hair dressing, thinking that people will always need haircuts.

I opened a salon in Red Bluff called Hair Wrangler Salon. It was a cute little rodeo themed salon, that everybody loved. Then Co-vid and bicep tendonitis killed my business. But it opened a new path.

I jumped in with both feet into photography. I bought a Nikon D7500 with a kit lens and started taking pictures. Trying to find my niche. My friend, Christine, asked me about how serious I was about my photography, and I said pretty serious. I said pretty serious, she said the Mul

e Days was looking for a photographer 🤩 So I scrambled the internet and got a hold of them and landed the gig. I was shooting 📸 Mule Days. It all snowballed from there. I am now a horse show photographer, and I LOVE IT! I get to photograph horses and riders looking the best on a show day competing at their best, all day. It's so hard to believe its work when you enjoy it so much.

I have been riding pretty much my whole life. Horses are a family tradition. I grew up with horses, competed in 4h as a kid, and have shown as an adult. I have dabbled in a couple different disciplines. I have rode in reining, ranch riding, boxing, trail, team penning, and now ranch sorting. My mare and I received Reserve Champion at NorCal Sorters Winter Sorting Finals. Our family rides and its always a good time. My girls are taking right to horses as I did as a kid, and it makes my heart so happy.

I grew up on my families ranch in Shingletown. What a blessing to grow up learning how to care for animals and the land, all with family. Our family raises Herford/Angus cattle, and we learned how do it all. We learn to drive young to feed the cows, to castrate and vaccinate. How to take care of pink eye and not be afraid of needles. The list can go on and on, but what a blessing to grow up caring for animals. I'm thankful for these life lessons as it has helped with raising my own children. Poopy diapers was no big deal after you grew up stripping a cow udder that has mastitis. Poopy diapers were a breeze 😅

I also am learning to drive water truck for my dad on his logging job. It's pretty intimidating driving a big ol truck a lone, then when it's full of water 😳 that's a whole new

ball game. But, thankfully when my dad taught me to pull a trailer a load of cattle down the road, he told me to drive as if I was driving with a glass of water and I didn't want to spill any. It works, and it has groomed me well for driving a Water Truck lol. I really enjoy being out with my dad and brothers working with the family business. And I take my camera and get some really cool shots.

I'm kinda a jack of all trades. I can do a little bit of this and that, and if I don't know I love to learn how.

Well, there it is a little, or a lot, about me. I hope you enjoyed the read and maybe learned something new about me.

Leave a comment below of how we met, I would love to read about that. Don't forget to follow to see what happening next.

Talk to ya later, Bye




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